Wrist watches are considered one of the most popular jewelry accessories for both male and female. When planning to buy a wrist watch, you ought to go for the one that fits your taste and style.

Are you looking to wear it as a jewelry, so as to make you look stylish when going for that outstanding event? Are you testing for lap times? Nowadays, you can find a lot of famous brands in various styles on the market.

Here is a list of some of the various kinds of watches and their features



Casual watch is designed specifically for use in your daily routine. They are convenient to use, helps organize your day and can be worn for various purposes.

Casual timepieces are usually made with metal bracelets, making it more resistant to perspiration. These metal bracelets are usually of high quality, durable and can be resized by removing the metal links.

Casual timepieces are water resistant, comes with a calendar date, luminous hands and sometimes an alarm setting. These kind of timepieces are perfectly matched with casual clothing such as a pair of lovely jeans and button up shirts.

For your sports activities, the best timepiece to go for is the sports watch. It can endure any high impact activity. It is the best option for those with an active lifestyle and it is designed to be water resistant up to 600 ft.

Some of the features to look out for when planning on buying a sports watch include night light function, a ribbed wrist strap, pulse monitor, chronometer function, alarm function, lap timer and sometimes a GPS function.

Athletes and sports lovers make use of sports timepieces for measuring pace, distance, and caloric output. It is the latest technology designed for those who take part in any kind of sport activities.




The dress watch is considered a very important part of any dress collection, because they are the best option for formal occasion. It fits perfectly when worn with casual clothing and suits.

A good dress watch is about 40mm in diameter and not more than 12 mm in case thickness. Depending on the different wrist sizes of individuals, these sizes may vary.

It can come with a mechanical watch movement, a precious metal case such as gold and must also be a perfect fit. Other features of the dress watch include white on black dials, no numerals or a second hand, slim hands and markers.


Any watch can be referred to as a fashion watch. One of the main purpose of wearing a fashion watch is to look stylish. Fashion timepieces are designed to suit individual tastes and styles and can be used for any kind of occasion.

Like clothing and other fashion accessories, these can come in a wide variety of brand for both male and female watches, making it an advocate for gender equality.