About Us

Watchesacademy.com is a website that dedicates pages relating to watches from all brands and types.  The website is maintained by a group of ardent watch collectors, whose passion for watches span across decades.

The aim of this website is to provide a useful one stop resource center for watch enthusiasts or anyone who is keen to know more about watches or buy a timepiece that goes beyond telling time.  Our scope includes a wide array of watches, from mass brands to luxury timepieces.

This resource center includes compilation of the information that we have gathered plus our diverse recommendations, all summarized in concise manner and in accordance to practical sections. We strongly believe that this form of presentation help readers assess and decide if the watches in our lists are of their choice and meet their needs and budget.

We are constantly adding on useful pages to this website, with the above aim in mind.  We would like to hear from our readers as well, in order to make this website more vibrant and useful in time to come.

If you have any comments, do drop us an email at contact [at] watchesacademy.com

Our Commitment

As watch lovers ourselves, we recommend products sold by committed online watch sellers.

These are mostly retailers who mainly specialize in selling watches. This ensures that you get the best after-sales service which a mass-merchant online retailer will not have the expertise to provide.

Some of these sellers include Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited retailers & also those who guarantee brand new and authentic watches.

They have a full secured website for handling payment and offer warranties.

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