17 Best Watches (Sep 2017) Under $500 for Women

17 Best Watches under 500 for Women

(updated in Sep 2017) When choosing the best ladies watches under 500, there are several aspect to look out for to ensure suitability.

A lady’s watch complements the other accessories that she carries like her earrings, handbag, sunglass and hat. Getting the right watch will accentuate your superior fashion taste and send the most pleasant statement on who you are.

Movado Women's Kara WatchBrand – At less than $500, ladies will have many brands to choose from, ranging from the designer brands to some of the familiar watchmaker brands.

Big-name designer brands like Guess, Burberry and Versace offer a palette of choices with beautifully designed timepieces that are suitable for different occasions.

Although many fervent watch connoisseurs will baulk at the idea of wearing a watch not made by a specialized watchmaker, WatchesAcademy.com believe that for under $500 for a women’s watch, you are not overpaying for the beloved designer wristwatch. More importantly, the pattern & style has to be presentable and is apt of the event that you are wearing for.

Familiar watchmaker brands like Citizen, Seiko & Invicta produce numerous attractive women watches include the affordable end of quartz watches and also basic mechanical self-winding watches that are not overpriced. These value-for-money timepieces will enhance the overall appearance of the lady while providing accurate timekeeping functions.

Scroll down below and check out the wide variety of brands in out list of recommended watches.

Hamilton Women's Jazzmaster WatchSize – As a watch’s diameter is visually the most obvious specification, selecting the right dimension is certainly one aspect a woman cannot miss out.

The rule-of-thumb advice is that the watch size has to be proportional to the body size. Slim built ladies will commonly find that smaller watch size goes better on their wrist while bigger size watch goes neatly with larger body frame.
In general, the most common watch diameter for ladies are 28-34mm. If you are choosing casual watch, larger diameters are also appropriate.

Style – The most important rule is never go for imitations or low-cost material like cut-rate plastic if you have decided to purchase a watch you intend to wear for many occasions.

TechnoMarine Women's Cruise WatchIf your budget is around 500 dollars, there are already many affordable yet elegant authentic female watches available to choose from. Trying to pass off a “$10,000 luxury” watch when you have spent only $500 is a potential embarrassing incident waiting to happen; especially when there are many watch aficionados around with a keen eye for details who can immediately spot fakes.

Choose a style that is occasion-appropriate. A dress watch with minimalist design and leather strap is most suitable for a black-tie event while a watch with bright colors and rubber watch band can be for casual or sporting activities.
For metallic watch, getting gold or silver-toned watches are a safe bet as they are considered neutral and can easily match most of your clothing and accessories.

At Watches Academy, we strive to recommend you a list of women watches below 500 that cover a wide range of occasions, styles and materials. If you also looking at watches at a higher price range, do check out the list of best watches for ladies under 1000 dollars here.

Check out the list of female watches below!

We regularly update this list in Watches Academy with new recommended watches.

Latest watch prices (after discount) may change without notice and may cost more than 500 USD.

Balmain Women’s Taffetas Chrono Watch

Why you will like it

Balmain Women's Taffetas Watch

A perfect combination of style and elegant feel, this cheerful looking Balmain creation is ideal for the lady seeking an exciting and distinctive timepiece.

The initial impression this watch gives is how exceptional looking it is. Your eyes will be gazing at the beautiful White Mother-of-Pearl dial that are blends exquisitely with the rest of the timepiece. Embodying class, the dial with variant tones will help to enhance your overall outfit.

Balancing the fashionable style of the watch are chronograph sub dials which also provide decoration with the sub-second and minute counters.

Skillfully polished stainless steel case fitted with silver stainless steel bracelet completes this watch.

Equally important is the made in Switzerland quartz movement that gives you reliability and accuracy.

An exquisite looking watch which is suitable for everyday wear, this Balmain watch is a strong consideration if you are looking for a high quality Swiss quartz movement timepiece, at an attractive price of less than 500 dollars.

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Similar Watches Available:

If mother of pearl dial are what you are looking for, check out this timepiece that also features the attractive mother of pearl dial.

Balmain Women's Eria Watch

Juicy Couture Women’s Charlotte Watch

Why you will like it

Juicy Couture Women's Charlotte Watch

If you are looking for an exemplary timepiece, this blue and silver watch is one watch that you must add to your collection.

This stylish timepiece has an eye-catching bezel and bezel.  Charming crystals around the watch’s round stainless steel bezel further enhances the sophistication of this watch.

Stick index markers against the matching light blue mother of pearl dial completes the luxurious design to this watch.

Another eye catching aspect of this highly attractive timepiece is certain the 5-link bracelet that is also encrusted with crystals that are visible from a distance.

The sheer combination of unique blue color and shimmering crystals certainly make this female watch that is under 500 dollars is one that you can wear to special occasions.

As for matching with outfit, this timepiece  goes well with a lot of different outfits/style.  It can also double up as a piece of jewelry.

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From The Same Series:

From the same Charlotte collection, if you love a watch with a design that has, without a doubt, a one of a kind design, check out this silver and gold version with crystal pave dial and unique curve pattern.

Juicy Couture Women's Charlotte Watchashford-aff10-off-90

Bulova Women’s Rosedale Watch

Editors Choice of Watch

Why you will like it

Bulova Women's Rosedale Watch

If you are looking for a feminine and elegant watch, do consider this timepiece by Bulova.

The minimalist dial arrangement with the logo at 12 o’clock displayed on the mother of pearl dial gives this watch a luxurious but contemporary look. The silver tone index markers displayed on the mother of pearl round dial gives this watch a ladylike appeal.

To complement this, the patterned center on the dial adds a subtle sophistication to this quartz movement driven watch timepiece.

Shimmering diamonds encrusted in the swirl patterned bezel deliver the final opulent look.

The stainless steel bracelet completes this watch with style, making it among the best fashionable ladies watches under 500! You can also find Bulova watches in our article on the best watches under 100 for women!

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Hamilton Women’s Jazzmaster Lady Watch

Why you will like it

Hamilton Women's Jazzmaster Watch
The most eye catching aspect of this watch has to be the beige leather strap that is stylish and easy to match.

This tastefully designed and trendy Hamilton timepiece is a great example of a watch that can be your everyday and casual wear for decades and is not subject to the ever changing fashion trends.

The simplicity of this simple and modern timepiece will spruce up your tons of outfits, certainly a female watch below 500 for you to consider.

If you like Hamilton watches, check out more from this incredible brand in our best watches for women less than 1000 here.

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Similar Watches Available:

For those who prefer a white leather strap, do check out this timepiece secured by white textured leather band, another excellent choice for you to add on to your current collection.

Hamilton Women's Jazzmaster Watch

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Movado Women’s Amorosa Watch

Why you will like it

Movado Women's Amorosa Watch
Ladies who are fans of Movado’s famous combination of simplicity and elegance will likely want to add this amazing timepiece to their collection.

A white mother of pearl dial forms the essential backdrop for time reading on this attractive accessory – no other stick markers are needed to represent the hours or minutes that makes your time reading a quick and pleasant affair.

The lovely dial is house inside a 24mm stainless steel case to deliver a stunning opulent look. Swiss quartz movement gives you accurate time.

A well polished stainless steel bracelet that has a unique shape completes the exquisite wristwatch with the details evident from an experienced and acclaimed watch brand.

An eye-catching design from a well-known Swiss brand that is one of the best ladies watches under 500!

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Similar Watches Available:

If you fancy other Movado watches that has attractive watch bracelet, you should consider this Harmony series creation that gives you a bangle type bracelet.

Movado Women's Harmony Watch

Techmarine Women’s Cruise Ceramic Watch

Editors Choice of Watch

Why you will like it

TechnoMarine Women's Cruise Watch
With a case diameter of 40mm with ceramic accents, this big white watch is a statement piece that looks extravagant without being too over the top.

This white ensemble with chronograph functions and stainless steel divers bezel create a minimalist yet noticeable style. The silver dial with wavy pattern displays silver toned hands and index and dot hour markers, making time reading easy. The silver silicon strap with secures this exquisite watch, powered by a Swiss quartz movement.

You will definitely get envious looks and raving compliments wearing this big watch with stylish touches.

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Similar Watches Available:

This watch is available in sleek black, with the stainless steel divers bezel contrasting nicely against the black finish.

TechnoMarine Women's Cruise Watch

Invicta Women’s Objet D Art MOP & Silver Semi-Skeleton Dial Automatic Crystal Watch

Why you will like it

With a beautiful leather strap that is neutral white, you will be sure that this timepiece will add charm to any outfit, will be a matching accessory for any occasion.

This special feature is what appeals modern ladies to fancy this round watch, as it adds a certain balance to their style. It can also save them some time accessorising, as this watch makes a fantastic piece of jewellery.

The striking feature of the watch has to be the crystals accented fixed bezel. Shimmering and lovely, they complement the crystal accented dot hourly markers.

The white mother of pearl dial features features a semi-skeleton window that allows you to admire the automatic movement, making this timepiece look stunningly crisp, clean, and modern.

With a 34mm rose gold plated stainless steel case, this watch is suitable for petite ladies, making it among the best watches under 500 for women.

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Similar Watches Available:

Choose from an alternative that comes in a black leather strap which is elegant looking.


Modaine Women’s Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet

Why you will like it

For watch seekers who have not seen Mondaine timepieces before, the brand’s unique design will certainly catch your attention on the first look. The watches are modelled after the Swiss Railways clock, and this clearly is shown in the special appearance of the collections.

Powered by the reliable Swiss quartz movement, when you wear a Mondaine watch, it will be recognizable easily by fans of this brand for its exceptional style – clean dial decorated with refined markings, the distinctive design provides highly legible time reading.

The 35mm stainless steel case fits well on most ladies’ wrist. Another noteworthy feature of this model is the mesh bracelet.

Fashionable while retaining flair, this bracelet adds another level of character to this distinguished timepiece, without a doubt among the best looking women’s watch under 200.

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Similar Watches Available:

Fans of black leather strap may check out this watch in a similar design in white dial.

Movado Women’s Kara Watch

Editors Choice of Watch

Why you will like it

Movado Women's Kara Watch
A Movado watch has the unmistakable simple and elegant designa and this description fittingly summarizes the features of this Movado timepiece from the Kara collection.

Only 2 colors make up this unique looking watch, silver and black.

The circular case, made up of stainless steel, matches the silver stainless steel band neatly. The silver is also found on the hands & crown and most obviously, the signature dot on the 12 o’clock.

Beautiful constrasting design is evident with the silver hands lining up against the black dial, with no other markings except the “Swiss Movado Made” words which spell out the quality of this watch.

A definite watch which showcases the alluring appeal of minimalism, this Movado creation is certainly a women’s watch to consider for a budget of less than 500!

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Similar Watches Available:

For an opulent alternative, check out this yellow gold PVD coated watch case and band – the luxurious finishing makes this a recommended choice!

Movado Women's Kara Watchashford-affmov15-off-movado

Daniel Wellington Women’s Oxford White Dial Navy Blue & Red Nylon Strap Watch

Why you will like it

The unique navy blue and red canvas nylon band creatively brings out the active lifestyle of a trendy lady.

This cool and chic watch has a matching white dial which is encased with stainless steel case.  It features minimal design, only showcasing stick hour indices, even at the 12 o’clock and the 6 o’clock.

The logo featured at the 12 o’clock gives this fashionable watch a nice and complete finishing touch.

This modish timepiece, which has a case diameter of  36mm, is one great addition to your watch collection.

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Other Daniel Wellington Watch To Consider:

If you are looking for straps of other colour combination or a dress watch from Daniel Wellington, check out these watches of similar design.

Citizen Women’s “World Time A-T” Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch

Why you will like it

A technological marvel – a watch that is powered by light!

The World Time A-T (ie “Atomic Timekeeping Technology”) feature, which keeps time synchronised in 26 time zones, is a draw, especially for a female who travels internationally.

This feature is very user friendly, you can easily change from the primary to the secondary time zone, without much fuss.

Though this round watch has sophisticated technology, it does not lose its feminine appeal.

The mother-of-pearl dial with textured sunburst design creates a softer look to this dress watch. In addition, the polished rose-gold-tone markers with gleaming accents and Glossy sky blue sweep seconds effeminates the watch.

The refined silver tone stainless steel bracelets gives this watch a nice finishing touch. In summary, this is a timepiece of chunky elegance and impressive technology, certainly among the best ladies watches under 500.

You can also find more Citizen watches in our page on best women’s watches under 200 here.

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Other noteworthy features

The 12/24-Hour Time, perpetual calendar and power reserve indicator provides two other useful information, especially for a traveller.  Do take note that the dimensions and weight of this item are larger and equivalent to those of a men’s watch.

Balmain Women’s Ivoire Watch

Editors Choice of Watch

Why you will like it

Balmain Women's Ivoire Watch
White and black color combination of watches are popular with women as it is versatile and wardrobe friendly.  It can be worn as a nice piece of accessory as well.  One such watch is this Balmain creation.

The white base is actually a white mother of pearl dial, a special tone that exudes elegance and class.  The bezel shimmers with white diamonds – encrusted as a luxurious complement the stainless steel bezel.

Matching hands and the alternate Arabic numeral markers and nicely displayed on the mother of pearl dial. This refined design is further accentuated a black leather textured strap. A made in Switzerland completes this delightful accessory.

For a price of less than 500, this women’s watch is the fantastic dress watch to include in your current collection, for any outfit and occasion.

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Similar Watches Available:

If you are looking for a dark dial timekeeper, then you will be pleased to know that this Balmain lady’s watch is also available in a black dial version that has also white diamonds encrusted in the bezel.

Balmain Women's Ivoire Watch

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Certina Women’s DS Dream Watch

Why you will like it

CERTINA Women's DS Dream Watch

To the lady who prefer a feminine looking watch in neutral colour other than black or white, this classy timepiece is a great choice for her.

A watch with a first-rate design, the most conspicuous feature has to be its sunburst effect on the brown dial. With the diamond hour markers, the dial is eye catching while delivering a luxurious look.

Arabic numeral hour markes and a date window at the 6 o’clock combine stylishly with the diamond hour markers to add a suave touch.

The watch case,constructed with solid stainless steel, together with the scratch resistant mineral crystal enhances the sturdiness of the timepiece.  The watch is secured by brown textured leather band.

Powered by Swiss quartz movement, this Certina masterwork is definitely a consideration if you are seeking a sophisticated and versatile women’s watch that is below 500.

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Similar Watches Available:

The watch is also available in the other neutral colours – white dial watch with white leather band and black dial watch with black leather band.

CERTINA Women's DS Dream Watch
CERTINA Women's DS Dream Watch

Seiko Women’s Tressia Watch

Why you will like it

Seiko Women's Tressia Watch

This polished yellow gold-plated round watch with matching gold-plated accents on the stainless steel bracelet is a refined addition to your current watch collection.

The yellow gold bezel and matching yellow gold-toned hands creates a stunning piece of arm candy that looks elegant and simple.

With this subtle bling of ten diamonds accented index hour markers and the gold link bracelet, this watch can be worn daily as certain pieces of jewellery. This versatile timepiece can also be worn with a formal outfit as well.

This will be a watch of her choice if the wearer prefers a minimal and fuss free overall outfit, as she does not need to over accessorize when wearing this watch.

True to its focus, this is yet another lifestyle-driven fashion timekeeping accessory offered by Seiko Watches.

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Check out more Seiko ladies watches, click on the button below!

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Similar Watches Available:

Ladies who are fans of yellow gold watches can consider this opulent looking timepiece from Seiko too.

Seiko Women's Core Watch



Calvin Klein Women’s Feminine Watch

Why you will like it

Calvin Klein Women's Feminine Watch

This chic bracelet bangle type of watch band by Calvin Klein lends a touch of function to your fashion looks.

This modish watch features a bangle cuff and watch case which are all rose gold coated. Rose gold appeals to many ladies for its subtle display of opulence. The rectangle face has white dial with no hour markers creating a minimalist design.

Moreover, the dial window encased in a 38 mm stainless steel case makes reading time easier on the eyes.

With the precision of Swiss quartz movement, this is a perfect choice for your everyday watch. This timepiece below 500 dollars for women is also a great choice for ladies who are into the feminine and trendy style.

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Similar Watches Available:

For those who prefer yellow gold watch, do check out this similar timepiece that has a yellow gold PVD coated case.

Calvin Klein Women's Feminine Watchashford-aff10-off-90

Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s Amy Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel White Dial Watch

Why you will like it

The luxurious looking rose gold theme of this attractive timepiece from Marc Jacobs is sure to spruce up your outfit.

If you want a watch other than your conventional brown or black band watches, this round watch is definitely worth considering, as it creates a different look.

The 37mm rose gold tone stainless steel case encloses a dependable quartz movement. The white dial has matching rose gold tone hands and crystal hand hour markers.

This Marc Jacobs stunning timepiece is secured by a matching 20mm wide gold tone watch, which gives the watch an overall elegant and graceful impression.

With water resistance up to 30m, this watch is suitable for recreational swimming for short duration. This watch is a perfect blend of functionality and style.

In addition, it matches many types of outfit.  For example, light coloured or neutral tone dress or casual wear (e.g. white/beige top with jeans or pants).

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Similar Watches Available:

A similar timepiece decked in classic looking yellow gold is also available.


Fossil Women’s Riley Crystal Accented Bezel Ceramic Bracelet Watch

Why you will like it

With a design theme of silver tone watch, the 40mm stainless steel case houses a quartz movement and grey dial.

You will also find 3 sub-dials that offer the useful day, date and 24-hour functions.

The most striking aspect has to be the bezel that is encrusted with crystals. The result is a glittering bezel that is luxuriously and refined looking.

This is certainly among the best big faced watches for ladies and the attractive price tag of below 500 makes it a steal!

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We regularly update this list in with new recommended watches.
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