Consider The Watch Purpose When Choosing A Nice Ladies Watch

Nice women watches are the perfect gift for every lady for many occasions. It is also a great gift for oneself. This is because a watch is an important piece of accessory for a woman. It will complement her outfit – a matching watch will spruce up her wardrobe and make her rise for the occasion.

A lady’s watch will also display her look and unique style. Given the fact women have a wide variety of outfits to mix and match, they usually own more than one watch. Hence, some women prefer to buy a wide assortment of nice watches to match her collection of different outfit.

The good news is that owning many watches may not break a hole in her pocket if she picks her watches wisely. It is recommended that she has a variety of both fine and budget watches, so that she has the appropriate timepiece for the occasion, to create the intended status and persona.

For budget watch, she will still be able to get the bang for the buck when choosing women watches under 500. Ladies watches under 1000 will also be a good price category when searching for more luxury timepieces.

What are the points that we should consider when choosing nice ladies watch for someone or yourself? We will discuss the points based on the purpose of the watch.

1. Everyday Watch
You must ensure that the case shape and the overall feature of the watch matches her style and purpose. If she is looking for an everyday watch, a silver-tone case and strap or a black watch is a good option. These types of watches can match a wide range of outfits and hues.

A round case shape is a great option if you are looking for a classic watch.

If she is looking for a sporty looking watch, she may consider a chronograph watch with the subdials.

2. Dress Watch
If she is looking for a nice dress watch, do consider those watches with leather straps, which are stylish and elegant. A black or brown leather strap is preferred if she wants a more versatile watch that goes well with most of her outfits. Also, a textured watch brand will enhance the appearance of her watch in a subtle manner.

For something special to add on to her existing collection, she may consider purple or white leather strap to give out the chic-ness in her.

3. Fashion Watch

If she wants a statement piece, she may place more emphasis on the watch straps – material and colour. She may consider beautiful watches with animal print or bright colours (for example red or orange), which gives her a trendy appearance. She may also opt for ceramic band, which gives a polished and impressive look to the ladies watch.

Steel cuff watch or two tone bracelet watch is also worth considering. The distinctive watch band will make her the center of attraction for the events that she attends. It will be a great idea to buy her an attractive watch with interchangeable straps so that she can match more outfits with a single watch case.

She may also consider watches with those more unconventional shape, for example, Tonneau shaped watch.

Dials with distinctive patterns or features (for example flowers, sub dials, textured) are also one great option, as these special dials will bring out the character in her.

If you are too overwhelmed by the wide myriad of nice watch brands for women, styles, brands and functions, fret not, you can start by referring to our 17 best women watches less than 500 dollars, which Watches Academy has specially compiled for you.